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Prado Face Mask Sealer Manufacturers and Orders

This is a humanitarian effort during an ongoing pandemic, not a greedy business.

Others are free to copy this face mask sealer design and manufacture themselves, worldwide, for the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, though I would appreciate it if you would do the honorable thing of sending me a message, however short or long you wish, to let me know, at least so I know I've been helpful, and I would be happy to list the details on this website for others worldwide who are manufacturing so that buyers can just go to you directly.

Of course, there's no way I and my people in Thailand can supply hundreds of millions to billions of masks ourselves around the world during this sudden pandemic. We are currently supplying people only in Thailand.

As of mid-March, 2020, here in Thailand we have been manufacturing our own Cross Strap Spongy Face Mask Sealers at homes using sewing machines, not industrial scale production. Of course, if you are in Thailand, then we would be happy if you order a sample from any of us or even place a larger order for your group, but there's no way we could come anywhere close to supplying enough masks to everybody who could use them urgently, so we are trying to put together a database and network of others who are willing and able to make these masks in your own locations.

We welcome:

  • Contact information for other domestic people wanting to manufacture and ship masks domestically
  • Contact information for overseas people wanting to manufacture and ship masks within their own countries
  • Orders from buyers domestically
  • Orders from buyers overseas which we might be able to pass on to an entity in your own country

If you have the capability to produce masks, then we can add your contact information to this website. Please make a prototype (see instructions below), take a photo, and send it to us. We can also send a prototype to help you copy it.

We are currently not shipping internationally from our base in Thailand during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. If you have questions about making a prototype, please ask.

We are interested in working with large manufacturers anywhere in the world, as well as small home based businesses. We understand that you must be sustainable, as we are longtime small businesspeople ourselves.

Volunteers and donations may also help, to help support our efforts to increase marketing and manufacturing of these masks. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not financially able to donate large numbers of masks by ourselves.

We are a small, family owned and managed business, and now working from homes. I previously ran a small business which catered to helping incoming expats, which has been hit hard by the pandemic and subsequent travel bans (plus people just choosing not to travel, ban or no ban), so making face masks is now the main thing we are focused on, since there isn't much else for me and my staff to do now. I would think many other people are in the same situation with the many lockdowns and closures of nonessential businesses. Together, if we focus and act with our time, we should be able to make enough face mask sealers so that everybody in our communities has a face mask, we can save lives, reduce suffering, and get our economies going again sooner and better. Money isn't everything, but we must be sustainable, such as to buy materials, support good workers and their dependents, and some other people would need to invest in a sewing machine. Scaling up quickly and staying well organized in a decentralized way may be a challenge, but that would be a good problem to have. Right now, we are still in the startup phase.

You may Contact Us.

Below is the current design.

Actually, there are discussions of variations of the mask, and updates to the design. This page might not get updated often. If you want to get updates and join a discussion group, then please fill in your information on our Contact Form.

There are two main options for a mask sealer. Our older option was initially designed to seal a surgical mask from air leakage, and is smaller so that it seals the relatively small standard surgical masks 18 cm wide. The second, newer option is a larger and more comfortable mask designed to be used with common paper towels and facial tissue, as well as any other good materials cut to a larger size.

The design of our face mask sealer has these components:

A face mask sealer's top nose bridge is 16cm wide for a surgical face mask which is the standard of 18 cm wide, as the face mask sealer should be smaller than a surgical face mask if it is to be used with a surgical face mask, in order to seal it. However, if you plan to make a paper towels and facial tissue face mask filter, then you can make the face mask sealer to be much wider than for a small surgical mask, as paper towels and facial tissues are generally much wider than surgical masks. However, you should not mix the two different kinds of masks, because a mask sized for paper towels and facial tissue will be oversized for surgical masks.

For a paper towel and tissue paper mask, just choose your brand of paper towel and facial tissue paper in your country, put then together, trim to the size of the smaller component, and then make the face mask sealer a few centimeters less than that. The same applies to any other household material you may cut to use as mask material, such as a dish towel or cotton shirt.

Keep in mind that a surgical mask will have a reduction in width relative to the face mask sealer as the nose sealer presses the underlying filter against the contour of the user's nose and face. An 18cm surgical mask does not protrude 2 centimeters outside a 16 cm face mask sealer. It's considerably less than 1 cm on each side. However, the straps sealing the mask are at less than 16 cm width, so it seals for our Thai testers, as well as for me, a Caucasian with a relatively average nose bridge, not as high as some other Caucasians.

For countries where people have a higher nose bridge, or different sized surgical masks, you should adjust your face mask sealer accordingly. It is important to create and test prototypes before going into mass production, and you may want to offer different sizes.

The chin section for our masks is 34 cm long, and that is not affected by height of nose bridge.

Our top strap is of 65 cm circumference but you may want to extend this for larger heads. Our back strap is of length 38 cm.

These are the designs for adults. For children, they should be smaller, of course. Again, multiple sizes is a good idea.

The nose sealer spongy material is made from artificial sponge or soft foam rubber. You can cut up a cleaning sponge for this. It should be a very soft sponge.

We have a central net area, which provides some structure to the mask to make it easier to use, and also contains the internal mask. If you cannot find any net material, then you can just leave off that part, and you should not substitute any material which creates any resistance to air flow. The only resistance to air flow should be a quality filter which traps viruses well. Save the air flow resistance to the quality filter material only. (Actually, this is why we don't put a paper towels and facial tissue mask underneath a cotton or polyester material. Nothing but net.)

For a surgical mask, the net actually prevents the user from pulling the chin strap back too far so that it no longer seals the mask. If you don't use a net on your mask, just make sure that the chin strap seals the bottom and sides of your mask.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, we would like to hear from you, so please Contact Us.

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